About Mark 


I work with my farmer customers as a key partner to make every acre work for you. My core mission is to be the farmer’s number one advocate to ensure their legacy through building and implementing agronomic practices that preserve their soil for future generations.  

I don’t believe in doing things just because that’s how they’ve always been done.

I only work with a key number of farms each year and continue to work with them who want to challenge their way of thinking and make switches to grow their profit margin right alongside doing better for the environment. As a farmer myself, I got tired of the same old ways of thinking and that traditional tillage and expensive seed were my only options. I believe in leaving a legacy that includes building soil while creating profit.

From IP crop recommendations to strip-till consulting and zone soil mapping and sampling, I challenge my customers to think outside the box to make their acres and dollars count.

I bring over 12 years of agriculture experience in a variety of sectors including production agriculture, precision agriculture instruction, service management and agronomy to the table and am a Certified Crop Adviser. I look forward to working with your farm and legacy.

-Mark Hewitt