Soil Sampling

We offer soil sampling in a variety of methods based on your farm operation's needs. 

We can perform grid, zone or soil-type based sampling, or customize sampling based on your individual field's needs. 

Please contact us today for a price list of our services. 

Scouting Services

We offer in-season scouting services with a boots on the ground approach. We cover diseases, weed identification, insect identification, emergence, nutrient deficiencies and more. 

We can also do UAV directed scouting in conjunction with our aerial imagery. We have a specialized application that allows us to do directed scouting, focusing our time and energy on issue areas identified with our NDVI, RGB, and thermal cameras. 

Rx Creation

We can create prescription maps for chemical and fertilizer application based not only on completed soil samples, but past farm history and UAV imagery. 


We can also create custom variable rate seeding prescriptions for individual fields. 

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