Putting Aerial Imagery to Work for Your Farm

I often hear from other farmers that they have a drone. When I ask which one the most common response I receive is a Phantom with a GoPro camera, and that they will be using it for scouting this summer. That’s fine, if you want to spend hours in the field replacing batteries and then hours after trying to analyze images.

This is where Hewitt Precision Insights come in with the advantages of a fixed wing drone, image analytics, and agronomic knowledge.

Unlike the small battery life that a quadcopter has, we are able to process several hundred acres on one battery in a short amount of time with our eBee. Our fixed wing aircraft means it can provide faster data on both small and large fields. A quad copter will quickly eat through a battery every 15-20 minutes, taking well over an hour to fly an 80 acre field. Hewitt Precision Insights can have that field finished in 20 minutes, head to the next and keep on flying.

Our UAV has a stable camera, allowing for a much clearer, high resolution photo. The various sensors we can mount on our UAV also provide a wider array of imagery to process with high resolution RGB, NDVI and Thermal sensors. These images allow us to determine things like plant population, soil temperature, water management areas, find existing drainage tile, detect crop threats, evaluate nutrient loss and applications, and even find out how fast cover crop or no-till acres are warming compared to traditional tillage acres.

Thermal image of Farm Field in Minnesota

Processing imagery takes time. I understand most farmers don’t want to sit in front of a computer processing images for hours on end. That is why you are out doing what you do best in the field, and where Hewitt Precision Insights come in. Our guarantee is that your images will be given to you in three days once we fly your fields. Not only do you get those images, but we sit down and explain to you what these images are telling you, what decisions you may need to make, and how it can affect your yields. We don’t just give you an image – we give you the data interpretation with it. All of our images come with agronomy review. You can utilize the images and information you receive in our meeting to make agronomic decisions and input the data into precision software programs for VRT maps. Working with us also gives you access to the AkerScout mobile app for field scouting.

Having a drone for fun view of planting and harvest to share on social media is what we see most utilizing their UAVs for. However, if you truly want to maximize your field potential and protect your yield with a UAV, give us a call. We’ll put our fixed wing UAV to work for you, backed up with a boots on the ground scouting approach to ensure you are making the best decisions for you farm.

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