Why I Chose Beck's

Recently, I decided to become part of the Beck’s Hybrids family and offer my customers their outstanding selection in seed. I am excited to tell you about Beck’s, and why I think you will love them as much as I do.

The main reason I chose to be part of Beck’s is because their number one goal is the same as mine: to help farmers succeed. This was evident to me from day one. Beck’s offers a variety of farmer focused services including Practical Farm Research (PFR), Escalate yield enhancement system, a variety of genetic traits, %100 free replant, and commitment rewards.

Beck’s is the largest family owned seed company in the U.S., and the fastest growing. When Beck’s moved into Iowa four years ago no one knew their name. Today they are the 3rd largest seed company in the state. That proves that their products work!

The choices they offer are unrivaled in the seed industry. When you buy from Beck’s you don’t have to choose a single trait package. With Beck’s proprietary genetics, they leverage their size to bring farmers the widest genetic diversity available. Beck’s offers traits and genetics from all major providers including Syngenta, Bayer, Monsanto, Dow, and Dupont. This means you can diversify your farm genetics, while buying from a single provider to get higher quantity discounts than you could buying from three different companies. Beck’s offers a wide variety of different soybean technologies including Liberty Link, Dupont STS, Glyphosate Tolerant, Roundup Ready 2 Yield, Roundup Ready 2 Extend, as well as non-gmo beans.

Having the best genetics available is one thing, but we all know that once the seed is in the ground it’s in a hostile environment. That’s why Beck’s has the Escalate seed treatment. Escalate adds insect and disease protection, improves stands, and increases yields. It includes an industry leading fungicide package as well as high rates of Poncho to give systemic insect protection all the way to tasseling. Soybeans have their own blend applied to maximize the yield potential of the seed. Because farmers have enough to worry about already, Escalate treatment comes standard on every bag at no extra cost.

Becks has a unique sales slogan, “We aren’t selling you a bag of seed, we’re selling you a stand of corn” -Francis Beck (Founder of Beck’s Hybrids). Becks has such confidence in their products, they offer %100 Free Replant. This means that if you plant a bag of Becks, and there is a reason it does not produce an acceptable stand of corn or beans, we will supply the replant seed free of charge.

One part of Beck’s that many people have heard of is their Practical Farm Research (PFR). It takes time and money to research the best products and practices for your farm. Beck’s is trying to help. Beck’s studies dozens of products and practices, quantifies the results and gives it to you to so you have the data you need to make the best decision for your farm. Beck’s doesn’t sell any of the products that are tested and prides themselves on unbiased data. The cost of product, price of corn or beans, and bushel advantage or drag are all taken into account. After a product or practice is found to provide a positive ROI over at least 3 years, it earns the designation PFR Proven.

As a farmer myself, for the first time when ordering seed, I was able to receive a commitment reward through Beck’s. Qualifying levels start low enough that almost every farmer can receive a commitment reward. Smaller orders can choose a new TV, wrench sets, or a power saw. You can leverage your position by committing to 3 years of planting Beck’s for options like a big screen TV, 2 power saws and a torch, or a Miller MIG welder. That is just at the lowest level! For larger orders, rewards include fuel tenders, seed tenders, pickup trucks, utility tractors, grain trailers, and even a brand new Case IH Quad-Trac.

I can’t think of another seed company out there that is working this hard for every farmer’s success. As a farmer myself, I truly appreciate their family mentality and their dedication to my operation’s goals. I look forward to serving you as your area Beck’s dealer.

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