NDVI Imagery

NDVI Imagery gives you the view you need to make nutrient application and fungicide application decisions. 

Detect weed and insect threats for timely application. Discover if hybrids or foliar and biological applications are improving your crop health.


Images are delivered at 25cm resolution and can be download as geo-tiff and shapefile from our online dashboard. We generate images which can be used in standard agriculture software programs for prescription creation. 

Orthomosaic RGB Imagery

RGB Imagery gives you a birds eye view of the coloration of your crop. 

Detect nutrient deficiencies in your crop. Detect water management issues and measure drowned out area for replant planning, insurance claims, and yield forecasting.  

We have multiple output models available depending on your need. 

Thermal Imagery

Thermal Imagery gives you an assessment of a field's overall condition. 

Analyze soil temperature for optimal planting times and plant germination, and evaluate the affect of crop residue and tillage. 

Detect soil moisture levels for water management planning. 

Results are available for download in geo-tiff and shapefile format from our online dashboard.

Tile Mapping

Utilizing thermal imagery, Hewitt Precision Insights can map existing tile lines in your fields. 

When planning tile installation, it is imperative to know where older tile is currently installed.

Stockpile Volumetrics

Utilizing RGB imagery we take with our drone, we can create volume measurement exports and contour maps, and save you money by not having to hire an expensive survey crew. 

Customers receive high resolution RGB images of their stockpiles, a PDF report and geoTiff files to import into their GIS software. 

Fast and simple. RGB drone imagery is an economical and timely way to get your volume totals for your gravel pit or quarry. 

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